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Research says over 4 billion people in the world can’t swim. Do you identify your child or yourself being part of that group? We assure you, it’s nothing to be ashamed or feel bad about! It is never too late or too early to learn this life-saving skill.

For centuries people have been swimming for exercise, for fun or as a sport. From complete beginner to Olympic-level competitive swimming, whatever your aquatics goals, Hamilton Aquatics is here for you. We are home to a comprehensive aquatics programme based in the UAE, including learn to swim, competitive swimming, artistic swimming and water polo.

Your Progression Pathway at Hamilton Aquatics

Hamilton Aquatics is the one-stop institution for all your aquatics requirements regardless of age or ability. Let’s take you through the programmes and aquatic journey we have to offer babies, kids and adults at our Home of Aquatics.

Baby Swim Classes Dubai aka Hammy’s Little Swimmers (3 – 36 months)

Hammy’s Little Swimmers is our unique Adult & Child programme for babies as young as 3 months. Every parent wants what’s best for their child. You want your child to feel safe and secure in everything they do, including any time spent in or around water.  These classes are aimed at supporting babies to feel comfortable and confident in the water through lots of games and nursery rhymes. Our baby swim classes go beyond teaching little ones the basics of swimming, to creating a bond between the parent and baby.

Kids’ Swimming Classes aka Hammy’s Skills School (3+ years) 

Hammy’s Skills School introduces children to the water through fun and engaging lessons. It is a perfect transition for our swimmers that have completed Hammy's Little Swimmers but is also suitable for those completely new to swimming. Not only does this programme assist with self-rescue swimming skills, but it also gives kids a sense of achievement and “I can do it!” in the water. As children learn new swimming skills, they’re overcoming challenges learning to grow and be confident in the water. 

Kids’ Swimming Classes aka Hammy’s Stroke School (5+ years) 

The perfect transition from our skills school, focusing on your child’s progress in the water, developing a solid foundation for all swim strokes and competitive skills. Our Stroke School focuses on freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. It gives swimmers their first insight into competitive swimming and is the stepping stone for swimmers to transition into our award-winning Squad Programme.

Squad Programme – taking your swimming to an advanced level. 

The key to competitive swimming is joining a club and no better than Hamilton Aquatics’ Squad Programme to pursue this goal. Hamilton Aquatics has always focused on having pathways that support the development of every swimmer to unlock their true swimming potential, and there is a competition framework suited to every level.

  • Our ‘Club Pathway’ allows an opportunity for both late swimming developers and swimmers of less swimming commitment to training as part of a fun and progressive environment. 
  • Our ‘Development Pathway’ offers necessary skills, in and out of the pool to enable swimmers of all ages and abilities to fulfil their long-term potential. 
  • Our ‘Competition Pathway’ has evolved to support swimmers who are aiming to train and compete competitively.
  • Our ‘Performance Pathway’ is aimed at top-performing swimmers achieving at a national or international level, and offers world-class services such as dedicated full-time coaches, assistant coaches, strength and conditioning, video analysis, sports psychology consultancy and nutrition advice.

Hamilton Aquatics’ four-tier competition series for swimmers

Ah yes, the rush and excitement of being a competitive swimmer. There is no better feeling than standing up to anchor a winning relay. At Hamilton Aquatics, we take pride in offering young expat swimmers a programme that propels them to represent their nation at the highest level and we have had multiple swimmers represent their home country internationally. We have hosted teams from UK, Tanzania, Kenya, Kuwait, Philippines, Qatar, Oman, to name a few.

Hamilton Aquatics’ Synchronised Swimming

Hamilton Aquatics also offers artistic swimming lesson which is a hybrid form of swimming, dance and gymnastics, combining arm and leg movements to music in the water. We believe that access to swimming and synchronised swimming should be available to anyone interested and we pride ourselves on our accessibility and the provision of the best coaching and support. Whatever your age and ability we will have a group suitable for you; from learn to synchro to synchro performance pathway.

Hamilton Aquatics’ Water Polo

Hamilton Sharks is our Water Polo programme available to everyone with a strong swimming foundation. Water safety and deepwater development are the focus for youngsters starting in Mini Polo, then progressing into the main sport of Water Polo.


Age is just a number at the UAE’s number one home of aquatics, and we believe that learning does not have an expiry date either! We recognise that not everyone had access to swimming lessons as a child. But now you have some free time and want to learn a new skill? Our teachers take on a supportive and encouraging role to give adults the confidence and opportunity in learning how to swim.


It is common to find parents who will stop the swimming journey when they feel their children are safe or can swim 50m, but we ensure to educate parents that children still haven't developed enough skill and strength to be really good swimmers at that stage. To become a truly safe swimmer, the journey is a long one for sure but it doesn’t have to be a boring one with Hamilton Aquatics.  We ensure to maintain and develop skills all year round, and also understand that swimming involves summits and valleys, easy skills and hard skills. Persistence and perseverance are part of the swimming journey, and the result is a strong, efficient and safe swimmer at the end of the journey!

At Hamilton Aquatics, we are truly passionate about swimming. From small beginnings, we have grown and proven to be the ‘Home of Aquatics’ to many in the UAE, whether kids or adults. We deliver high-quality swimming lessons and aquatic experience in a fun, clean, safe and progressive environment. Operating at over 30 convenient and state-of-the-art venues across the UAE, we are consistently working to make your swimming lessons better experience better and to be UAE’s top leader in aquatic education.

Let’s hear Jasmine Eissa Hamilton story – “ I started with the Learn to Swim programme and I slowly progress to the Performance Age Squad. Not only have I progressed along with the Hamilton Aquatics swimming programme but last year I was awarded a swimming scholarship at the GEMS Wellington Academy – Al Khail. This programme allows me to focus on my swimming and also allows me to focus on my education as well. I love swimming with Hamilton Aquatics because of the amazing and supportive swimming team, teaches and coaches and the atmosphere is just very nice. I think if I didn’t swim I wouldn't be as happy as I am right now. I don’t think I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for Hamilton”.

We take pride in saying that we aren’t just a swimming academy but we are here to bring the best out of everyone who embarks on their aquatic journey with us. Your progress is our victory! Join us at your Home of Aquatics where you keep swimming until you are more than just safe in the water but have embedded a skill for life!


Become water safe & kick start your swimming journey with Hamilton Aquatics today!


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