Water Polo

Dive into the thrilling world of water polo
Water polo is a high-energy team water sport that demands stamina, endurance, and advanced swimming skills. Swimmers can join our Water Polo program from the age of 6, but it's essential to have a strong swimming foundation as much of the training will take place in deep water.

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Pathways and Progression

  • Mini Polo
    This is the very first step to become a champion. The programme is aimed to introduce water polo to new generations and give an opportunity in a non-competitive environment.
  • Water Polo Foundation
    This stage is the bridge between mini polo and polo, where the basic techniques of water polo are developed in fun and engaging sessions.
  • Water Polo Development
    This stage increases attention on cardiovascular fitness required to support performance throughout a water polo game. The focus on strategy and tactics are increased as the competitive skills are built on.
  • Water Polo Competition
    This stage is aimed at honing the skills learned in earlier stages to increase competitiveness and stamina with more gameplay introduced.


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