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HA Annual Water Safety Week

Adventure, enjoyment & education is what The Hamilton Aquatics “Water Safety Week” became to begin a monumental May.

Hamilton Aquatics Annual Water Safety Week took place from 30th April – 6th May and was another success this year. The aim of the week was to educate and equip all swimmers with the knowledge of what to do in an emergency situation that could take place outside of their swimming lessons, and when we say “outside” we mean anywhere that has a water attraction/display, the beach, marina, etc.

We drew up flip cards and games to help create an interesting and educational lesson. On one side of the flip card was a description of each of the main “Beach flags” that may be spotted on many beaches to help in gaining an understanding of what each flag means. On the other side, aspects of safety were highlighted. The word “S.A.F.E.” produced a definition under each letter that showed the most important tips when in and around water:

  • Spot the dangers
  • Always go with a friend
  • Follow flags, signs and rules
  • What to do in an Emergency

We have had some fantastic feedback concluding the Water Safety Week, and we hope to have spread the word a little more on the importance of safety when in around any form of water.

Introducing Rookie Lifeguarding…

If your swimmer is participating in Swim Level 6 and above, is up for a new challenge and would like to further their knowledge of lifesaving skills, we have a programme that is perfect for them… Introducing Rookie Lifeguards!

As a Rookie Lifeguard, swimmers will:

  • Further their knowledge of water safety
  • Learn how to save themselves and assist others when in danger
  • Act out different rescues and scenarios based on real life situations
  • Swim with their clothes on
  • Receive certificates from the Rookie Lifeguard awards scheme upon completion of levels
  • And most importantly, have lots of fun!


Contact us for more information or to join one of our Rookie Lifeguard classes today!  #getsafeforsummer


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