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The first gala of 2019, Hamilton Aquatics Club Championships, was held at the GEMS Dubai American Academy on 18thJanuary. With over 500 of our squads swimmers packing the venue, it was a special occasion for everyone involved.

Director of Performance, Ash Morris said: “It was great to see swimmers from all of our squads together at one competition. I am really pleased at the talent that is coming through the younger squads, many of the whom were competing for the first time today. The support from the older swimmers and our Learn to Swim teachers was especially fantastic and I want to thank all of them for helping us deliver a successful club championships.”

The first and second sessions saw swimmers in each age group compete head to head for a spot in the Finals.  In the finals, 10 and under swimmers competed in the 100 IM whereas 11 and above swimmers competed in the 200 IM. 

Competition in the finals was fierce. The top 8 swimmers in each age group battled it out for a spot in the top 3. Here are our top 3 swimmers in each age category:

7-9 Year Old Boys

  1. Fabio De Armas
  2. Ben Macdougall
  3. Armaan Dhar    

7-9 Year Old Girls

  1. Anna Thompson                        
  2.  Maya Wielgosz       
  3.  Emmie Aitken

10 Year Old Boys

  1. Rio Halawi
  2. Alessandro Volani
  3. Hussein Shawky      

10 Year Old Girls

  1. Kriti Gupta
  2. Ashleigh Slow
  3. Leena El Adama

11 Year Old Boys

  1. Ibrahim Tanvir      
  2. Adam Gamal
  3. Aiden Gerst    

11 Year Old Girls

  1. Naia Legarda
  2. Jade Qursha
  3. Isla Henry

12 Year Old Boys

  1. Adam Kandill  
  2. Christopher Dufva
  3. Carlos Halawi   

12 Year Old Girls

  1. Jasmine Eissa
  2. Daniela Gough
  3. Yuchen Zhou

13 Year Old Boys

  1. Anthony Whittall
  2. Oscar Bilbao    
  3. Ethan Thompson  

13 Year Old Girls

  1. Molly Mayne
  2. Li Wei Law
  3. Noor Khamash

14  Year Old Boys

  1. Yousef El Dawy
  2. Aliyy Eloraby    
  3. Laith Sabbah    

14  Year Old Girls

  1. Stella Langenbach
  2. Rebecca Sevieri
  3. Janna Ashgari

15  Year Old Boys

  1. Tommaso Cervini   
  2. Aarian Lally 
  3. Hunaid Kanal   

15 Year Old Girls

  1. Anna Morgan
  2. Bea Varley
  3. Daniela Cogswell

16 Year Old Boys

  1. Mateja Smiljanic
  2. Shalabh Sivanand
  3. Gabriel Kotovsky    

16 and Over Girls

  1. Maria Iorini
  2. Manon Miyat
  3. Felicia Troger

17 and Over Boys

  1. Richard Kozhabayev
  2. Cameron Matthews
  3. Sean McNicholl

Congratulations to all our winners, and job well done to all our swimmers!

To view a selection of images from the 2019 Club Championships, click here. 


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