Learn To Swim For Kids

Learn To Swim for Kids: What You Need To Know

Swimming is a life skill. It is a skill your child will retain for the rest of their life, allowing them to live a healthy and  active lifestyle. Every child has the potential to be able to swim, regardless of their age and ability. Plus, it’s the one sport that has the potential to be a true lifesaver.

Swimming is a great form of physical activity. It involves the entire body which is good for bone and muscle development as well as boosting metabolism. Jumping in the swimming pool, lake or sea is the fun part. Knowing how to be safe around the water is the crucial part. This is where ‘Learn To Swim’ comes to aid.

“Children of any age and ability can take part and learn how to swim with Hamilton Aquatics”

What are the benefits of swimming for kids?

1. Swimming teaches safety skills

As mentioned above, swimming is a life-saving skill. Learning how to swim enhances your kid’s safety in the water. However, supervision of the kids while in water is still very important. This is why at Hamilton Aquatics, we hire only highly experienced and qualified swim teachers who teach your kids swimming in a safe and secure environment. It’s good to know all of our teachers are lifeguard trained and we have monthly lifeguard training sessions to keep skills and knowledge up to date.

All our programmes are designed with safety kept as a top priority. In addition, once per year we dedicate a week to water safety teaching children and parents how to be safe in and around the water. We offer various swim programmes based on the swimmers’ age and ability. Learn More about our Swim Programmes

2. Swimming leads to an active and confident life

As a parent, you are always looking for things to keep your child active. Swimming is a great way to keep your child happy, healthy and smart. The act of swimming keeps their blood pumping through their bodies and brains, which is essential for development in kids.

On top of that swimming is a great confidence builder, helping children become body confident, boosting their social skills. for instance, swimming includes the combination of movement of several body parts, as well as integrating breathing and balance. It works wonders for coordination and developing a kid’s belief in their athletic abilities which can be transferred across many sports as they mature.

3. Swimming helps kids stay healthy and builds endurance.

It is a heart-healthy activity and great for strengthening lung capacity. Swimming is a one-of-the-kind workout! It is fantastic for toning shoulders, arms, backs and abs while being easy to learn and practice from an early age. With each swim stroke, your child learns using different muscles to pull, kick and glide their way through the water. Swimming is the answer to help your kids maintain a healthy weight and avoid many diseases when they get older.

Learn to Swim - Happy Swimmer at Hamilton Aquatics
Learn to Swim: Happy Swimmer at Hamilton Aquatics

4. Improves memory and supports academic performance

While the kids are mastering backstroke, breaststroke, front crawl and butterfly – it’s not only helping them physically but also mentally. According to a study by Griffith University, it is believed that the type of instruction and sensory learning kids are exposed to early on in swimming lessons translates seamlessly into the type of learning they’ll do in the classroom.

5. Swimming builds confidence

Learn To Swim for kids - confident in water
Learn To Swim for Kids : Confident in water

We know children can be a little nervous about the water, and new experiences. It can be intimidating for new swimmers to let go of the wall, take those first few pulls and kicks toward the other side of the pool. At Hamilton, we believe in an inviting and safe place where kids overcome their fears, learn to swim, respect the water and have lots of fun while doing it.

At Hamilton we welcome you to poolside if your little one would like to get used to the new setting before their first lesson. With every kick, stroke and breath, kids gain confidence in themselves and their abilities—because every small win adds up to a BIG sense of accomplishment.

6. Swimming is FUN!

Children love getting in the water and enjoy themselves. Learning to swim also opens up the door to a range of other fun activities your child can enjoy. For example, surfing, triathlon, swim competitions, water polo.

Whether as part of a team or as an individual, swimming is a great way for kids to meet people from different backgrounds and other schools. Come rain or shine, winter or summer, swimming is an activity that your child can enjoy all year round.

Learn to swim for kids - swimming is fun
Learn To Swim for Kids : Swimming is FUN

Abirami, mum of swimmer Isha, says the following about learning with Hamilton coaches:

“We truly express our gratitude to you, for all the support and motivation you have given our daughter Isha. Hailing from a family with no sports background and no swimmers, Isha has really progressed very well under your guidance. You are very passionate coaches and we can’t thank you enough for always being there for Isha. And personally you have always been approachable and have guided me as well on how to support Isha and help her progress. We really as a family are thankful for Isha getting into the Foundation Squad at Hamilton Aquatics and owe her success only to you as coaches”.

Jessica Hammond, Learn To Swim Manager at Hamilton Aquatics says:

“The ability to swim is a skill no child should be denied the right to. It is critical children are exposed to safe and fun swimming experiences from a young age, whether it is at the beach on the weekend or blowing bubbles at bath time. All of these experiences will help create confident swimmers. At Hamilton Aquatics one of our key delivery methodologies is structured play – by using this method children are learning the core aquatic skills and fundamental movement patterns without realising, and having a lot of fun along the way!

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