Learn To Swim for kids with Hamilton Aquatics: all you need to know.

Why should my child learn to swim you ask? Well, learning how to swim is an important life skill and can also be very beneficial to children, for instance:

  • Swimming lessons provide your kids with confidence, which is great for self-esteem while growing up.
  • Your child will learn about water safety in and around water.
  • Swimming is a great and fun way to exercise.
  • Swimming encourages earlier development of physical skills including hand-eye coordination and muscle tone.

You can refer to our article on the benefits of swimming for kids for a more details. Now that you understand the importance of swimming – why should your child learn to swim with Hamilton Aquatics? Our Learn To Swim programme at Hamilton Aquatics is perfect for children of all ages and abilities. Whether your child know some basics of swimming or is a complete beginner, we’ve got them covered! Our programme is broken down into 8 learning levels, each of which has a set criteria. 

Learn To Swim: Level 1 (Hammy Skills School)

Level 1 of Hammy Skills Schools at Hamilton Aquatics is where kids are in the water without their parents from as young as 3 years old. Our expert teachers will help your child develop confidence and familiarity using fun and game space approach to learning. Building confidence is the very first step of developing the core aquatics skills and aquatic breathing.

Kids Level 1 swimming of Hammy Skills School at Hamilton Aquatics

Learn To Swim: Level 2 (Hammy Skills School)

In level 2 of Hammy Skills School, the water confidence learned in level 1 will be developed to more core aquatic skills that will help your child in the water. If your child is confident or has been part of our adult and baby swimming lessons, they can go straight to level 2. With the use of supporting aids like noodles and floats skills such as buoyancy & balance will be developed.

Kids Level 2 swimming of Hammy Skills School at Hamilton Aquatics

Learn To Swim: Level 3 (Hammy Skills School)

In level 3, your child will start to learn more complex movement skills such as alternative leg action combined with aquatic breathing elements. These coordination skills create a solid foundation allowing your child to understand a basic understanding of strokes. Level 3 is the last level where the swimming teacher will be in the water with your child. A large focus is put on independent movements. We developed critical water safety aspects such as returning to poolside safely after jumping into deep water.

Kids Level 3 swimming of Hammy Skills School at Hamilton Aquatics

Learn To Swim: Level 4 (Hammy Skills School)

Level 4 is the last level within the Hammy Skills Schools. This is where your child refine their core aquatic skills learnt with previous levels. We start to incorporate arms actions with each stroke. Combining the arms, legs and breathing actions takes a high level of coordication. In level 4, we also incorporate the movement patterns of breaststroke, butterfly and diving.

Kids Level 4 swimming of Hammy Skills School at Hamilton Aquatics

Learn To Swim: Bronze Level

After level 4, your child joins our ‘Bronze Level’. This is where they begin their journey through the ‘Hammy Strokes School’. At this stage, all 4 competitive strokes: frontcrawl, backcrawl, breaststroke and butterfly are developed with the focus on technique before increasing the distances swam. However, the classes are still delivered using fun and engaging methods so your children will continue to love the water.

Kids Bronze Level Swimming of Hammy Strokes School at Hamilton Aquatics

Learn To Swim: Silver Level

At the silver level of Hammy Strokes School, you’ll see the lesson length increase from 30 mins to 45 mins. We now work on increasing the distances swam and building stamina. Water safety aspects are still being developed in our silver classes, giving your child not only the ability to stay safe in the water but also to progress into other disciplines such as our water polo programmes.

Kids Silver Level swimming of Hammy Strokes School at Hamilton Aquatics

Learn To Swim: Gold Level

In our Gold classes at Hamilton Aquatics, the session time increases to 60 mins. The stamina begins to grow. The elements of the 4 competitive strokes will come together to create a fully comprehensive swimmer. In addition, core aquatics skills such as rotation and orientation are being refined, which help the development of skills such as competitive turns.

Kids Gold Level Swimming of Hammy Strokes School at Hamilton Aquatics

Learn To Swim: Platinum Level

Platinum level is the final stage of Hammy Strokes School and the Hamilton Aquatics’ learn to swim programme. Your children will continue to improve the technique and stamina by training on continuous distances of up to 100 M. Towards the end of the learn to swim stage, we have a number of exits routes into programmes such as Water Polo, Synchronised Swimming and Squads. As a result, your children can continue living a healthy and active lifestyle.

Kids Platinum Level Swimming of Hammy Strokes School at Hamilton Aquatics

It is simple to get started. Our online assessments allow you to book your child’s first swimming lesson from the comfort of your home. Head over to Hamilton Bay, our online portal or download our App on your phone via Apple/Play store and book swimming classes on the go.

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