Doha Masters

If you can comfortably swim 50m with reasonable technique, you are ready to try our Masters sessions. We can give you challenging sets to help increase your fitness levels, or offer advice on stroke correction to improve your technique and efficiency in the water. Whether you are a thinking of competing, a bored gym user or new to exercise and want to get fit in the pool; Hamilton Aquatics Masters Swim Programme is for you!

Each Masters session the coaches will cater to your needs. There will be different sessions going on in the same pool, for the different abilities and needs of the swimmers.

Masters sessions are designed to be flexible around your busy working schedule. You can now purchase 10 sessions at the reduced price of 350 QAR and then just turn up when you are available. Within these 10 sessions you can attend any of our Masters sessions on any day.

1. Refer to the timetable and select a convenient session day and time.

2. E-mail to provisionally book your first session. You will receive a reply confirming the space availability.

3. Attend your first session. Before you swim submit payment of 350 QAR and the attached Membership, Waiver and Rules Form fully completed to the coach on the day. In return, you will receive a 10 session attendance card which you must then bring to each session and have punched by the coach.

4. Start swimming and enjoy the benefits!

Timetable will be available soon.

Swimming Locations Map

List of Swimming Locations

Code Title Site Manager Location Map Detail
AJA Al Jazeera Academy  Euan Johnston Doha Details