The below clinics are available to Swim Level 6, Swim Level 7, Swim Level 8, Club Orange, Club Black, Foundation, Development and Potential.

Breaststroke Kick, Stroke & Turns

Develop your Breaststroke by having your stroke broken down by one of our coaches. We will start with a kick focus and any corrections, followed by further developing the timing and technique of the stroke itself. Swimmers will also work on their Breaststroke turn, to help get an edge over your rivals at future competitions.

Competitive Dives

Get off to a flying start at your next club or school gala! Learn some new pointers regarding your competitive dive and reinforce current technical points with feedback from our knowledgeable coaches.

Front & Back Turns

Master your Frontcrawl and Backcrawl turns by learning some great tips from our coaches. During this clinic, you will do some specific turn drills aimed at improving the technique, skills and speed of your turns.

Confidence Clinics - Aquafun and Aquaskills Level 1

These are designed to help build your child’s confidence in the water, refining skills such as floating and movement in the water with support.

Skills Clinics - Aquafun and Aquaskills Level 2

These are designed to continue your child’s development within the second level in our programme, working towards floating, streamlining, and movement in the water without the use of aids or support.

Kick Clinics - Swim Level 3

This clinic will allow swimmers to focus on practices to aid their kicking technique across all four strokes.

Breaststroke Kick Clinic - Swim Level 4

If breaststroke kick is holding your child back, bring them along to this clinic where will be focussing on correcting their breaststroke kick technique by breaking down the kick and using a variety of drills to help development.

Backstroke Arm Clinic - Swim Level 5

Come along and practice the correct technique for the underwater bent arm pull learning the ideal catch to help maximise propulsion through the water.

Butterfly Clinic - Swim Level 6

During this clinic swimmers will refine their Butterfly technique combining and efficient leg kick with a strong arm pull.

We also have clinics for Swim Levels 7 and 8 which focus on Diving, starts and turns, and Breaststroke.
The clinics will run on Sunday and Monday, and will cost AED100 for the two day clinic.

Hammy’s Little Swimmers

Hammy’s Little Swimmers offers Adult and Child classes for Aquababies aged 3-9 months, Aquatots 10-20 months and Aquasplash 21-36 months. The classes are a fantastic way to introduce young swimmers to the water when children turn three months old and we believe early foundations in swimming lead to lifelong water enjoyment. Our classes provide a developmental journey from the first splash right through to a confident swimmer who leaves every lesson with a smile on their face.
Classes will run Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from 9am to 10:30am at Jumeira Baccalaureate School, and will cost AED210 for the three sessions. (Please note that the timings will depend on the level of your child).


Calling all aspiring Lifeguards in Swim Level 6, 7, 8...
Is your swimmer up for a new challenge this Summer and would like to further their knowledge of lifesaving skills? Why not become a Rookie Lifeguard and join one of our classes today!
As a Rookie Lifeguard, swimmers will:

  • Further their knowledge of water safety
  • Learn how to save themselves and assist others when in danger
  • Act out different rescues and scenarios based on real life situations
  • Swim with their clothes on
  • Receive certificates from the Rookie Lifeguard awards scheme upon completion of levels
  • And most importantly, have lots of fun too!
  • Swim with their clothes on
Rookie Lifeguard classes will take place this Summer at the following locations:
  • Jumeira Baccalaureate School
  • Jumeirah College
  • GEMS Wellington International School
  • GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis
  • Emirates International School Meadows
Our Rookie Lifeguard classes are 60 minutes per session and will run over three days at a cost of AED300. Sign up today through Hamilton Bay or email your Site Manager for further information.