The below clinics are available to Swim Level 6, Swim Level 7, Swim Level 8, Club Orange, Club Black, Foundation, Development and Potential.

Breaststroke Kick, Stroke & Turns:

Develop your Breaststroke by having your stroke broken down by one of our coaches. We will start with a kick focus and any corrections, followed by further developing the timing and technique of the stroke itself. Swimmers will also work on their Breaststroke turn, to help get an edge over your rivals at future competitions.

Competitive Dives:

Get off to a flying start at your next club or school gala! Learn some new pointers regarding your competitive dive and reinforce current technical points with feedback from our knowledgeable coaches.

Front & Back Turns:

Master your Frontcrawl and Backcrawl turns by learning some great tips from our coaches. During this clinic, you will do some specific turn drills aimed at improving the technique, skills and speed of your turns.